A Cast of Falcons

Danger from above casts a dark shadow

A man falls to his death from a cliff face in western Scotland. From a distance, another man watches. He approaches the body, tucks a book into the dead man’s pocket, and leaves.
When the Scottish police show visiting Chief Inspector Domenic Jejeune the book, he recognizes it as a call for help. But he also knows that answering that call could destroy the life he and his girlfriend Lindy have built for themselves in the village of Saltmarsh, on the north Norfolk coast. It could even end his policing career. Or worse.
Back in Saltmarsh, the brutal murder of a researcher involved in a local climate change project has everyone looking at the man’s controversial studies as a motive. But Sergeant Danny Maik, heading the investigation in Jejeune’s absence, believes a huge cash incentive being offered for the research may play a crucial role.
With their beleaguered chief superintendent blocking every attempt to interview the project’s uber-wealthy owners, and all roads seeming to lead back to a falconry located on the research facility’s property, Jejeune and Maik must work together to find their answers. But with Jejeune’s secrets tearing the North Norfolk Constabulary apart, will the men’s partnership survive when the danger from above begins to cast its dark shadow?


It’s clear where Burrows is taking this series – more birds, and more murder. That’s a good thing.”
—The Globe and Mail

Burrows’ bird-watching expertise lends authenticity to an excellent mystery whose conflicted protagonist faces hard decisions.”
—Kirkus Reviews

Burrows skillfully makes his birds and birding an integral part of the plot, just as he brings Jejeune’s personal drama into this suspenseful and well-constructed mystery.”
—Publishers Weekly

A fun crime and criminals read.”
—The Sun Times

His writing is gripping and the storyline will keep any reader turning the pages, but the bird-watching references woven into his prose are again a real treat for birders.”
—London Free Press